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We encourage friends and family and others to leave messages, encouragement and inspiration for Anthony and his family as an outreach to them. They look forward to notes from family, friends and acquaintances.

Leaving a Note requires a short registration – your name and email address are needed and a password will be emailed to you. After you have your password simply come back and login. You will see a Profile page when you do … this page will let you change your password and change the way your name appears on the website. To post a note, or comment, just click “Macchio Trust Fund” in the gray bar at the top of the page, go to the READ NOTES page, then leave a comment at the bottom. Your comment is your note to Anthony and the family. Your name and note will be shown to everyone, but your email address will NOT be shown.

Need Ideas?

Would you like to see what others have written? Read Guest Notes others have left, and you can draw ideas & inspiration from those or these ideas:

  • Anthony’s family would love to read your messages – no message is too small or large
  • Talk about the goings on in your life – stay connected
  • Reflect on a comment left by a family member in the Journal or add to what someone else has written in the Guest Notes
  • Just say ‘Hi’

1 thought on “Leave Note”

  1. I recently viewed a podcast of you with Jim Carroll. Memories flooded back of IOP in the 70s. with the simplicity of youth. It is September 12th 4 in the morning and I read your journal that you kept of Anthony his accident and journey back to parents and to himself…Love conquers all

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