To: Chucktown, With Love

I ALWAYS have been thankful to have grown up in the awesome town of Charleston (Chucktown), South Carolina. But, after my accident I’ve grown to appreciate it for  even more reasons as to why it’s awesome!

chsmapUpon growing up I learned to respect the fact that this was such a historic city, littered with fun AND educational facts around every corner (literally)! I was also thankful to have grown up in the low-key side of the river, in Mt. Pleasant, where all of my skateboarding buddies and I were able to ride our BMX bikes all around town, from the ages of around 13 ~ 15, with no real worries of getting into any real trouble with motor vehicles, in both our eyes or our parents’ hearts! The delicious food and entertainment, for every age, offered around the Charleston area is another reason that I have always been thankful to call this home.

Although, I have always loved being able to claim Charleston as my home, I was obviously ready to get out of the place where I had grown up and broaden my horizons beyond here. This urge overcame me after attending, and later working at, Full Sail University for my first three years away from home, in Orlando, Florida. After being employed there for a full year I had decided that it was now time to scope out other jobs around the U.S. because exploring the foreign land of the Orlando, and Florida area as a whole, was like a breath of fresh air for me when learning the ins-and-outs of new terrain as a whole.

Even though I was looking to be one of the very few born-and-raised Charlestonians to branch out of my hometown I was, and still am, VERY happy to claim both Charleston my home-sweet-home and my literal HOMEboys as my friends! More details as to why I claim my love to both of those parts of my life below.

chshospitalsCharleston – Before my accident, and even before returning home from my stint at acute and inpatient rehabs, I hadn’t truly seen how amazingly awesome the Charleston Medical Industry is as a whole. I say this because I have been able to see the proper doctors, therapists of ALL disciplines, MUSC professors and students…and the list goes on that have all been able to pinpoint and treat every medical issue that I’ve had since my accident! I am also thankful to have returned home to Charleston, as opposed to somewhere else, because I can remember a handful of fellow inpatients that returned back home to their homes in rural towns with no real Medical Industry presence at all. So, Charleston has surprisingly managed to win my heart over even more than it had as I was growing up in it! Which, all-in-all, makes me even MORE proud to say that I was born and raised a native Charlestonian while now living back here again with all of these transplants who were once just tourists!

My friends at a welcome party they held for me.

My HOMEboys – As I stated earlier the majority of us born-and-raised Charlestonians tend to continue to hunker down here in the Charleston area and continue to call it home, as the majority of my childhood/teenage friends continue to do. So, once again, upon returning home from my acute and inpatient rehabs I was happy to find that this was still the case! The very day that my parents and I had driven home from Shepherd Center a friend of mine from 3rd grade, Michael Onorato, had contacted all of my best friends from my childhood/teenage years for a welcome home party. This was a surprise, yet also a  phenominal realization, that born-and-raised Charlestonians were continuing to maintain their Lowcountry residency. I still continue to take advantage of this perk and reach out to all of my friends still here in town for whatever kind of awesome Charleston activity that might be happening at that given time!

While typing this post, I have grown even MORE thankful for both the city of Charleston and my HOMEboys’ presence in my life, which I had honestly thought would NEVER be possible…so thank you Charleston for continually showing me how fortunate I am to have been born-and-raised here AND for talking all of my awesome HOMEboys into sticking around…because they continually drive my progress in my recovery as a whole!

With both of these points being made, bring it on 2017! Charleston, my HOMEboys and I are ready for ya!

3 thoughts on “To: Chucktown, With Love”

  1. Keep sharing your good spirit my friend, you have so many abilities and faith to offer others that are suffering their hidden surprises throughout life.

  2. Loved your blog about Charleston and your care at MUSC. I met you at the Irish Pub a couple of months ago with Vicki Whalen – my sweet niece in law, who has been one of your awesome therapist and big time supporter. When I met you I was so impressed with your spirit for living , your enthusiasm and your AMAZING infectious smile!!!! I felt honored to be introduced to you and talk to you about your journey!
    I wish for you many blessings in 2017 and if you would like to join us at Camp Rise Above summer camp I know the kids would love to hang out with you 🙂

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