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52 thoughts on “Notes”

  1. Dear Anthony
    Inspiring story. Good blog. Keep it going.
    Hope you have reached home and all is well.
    You will slowly but surely achieve whatever you aspire in life.
    Good luck
    Dr.Komal Prasad
    Cayman Islands

  2. We continue to think of you all and pray for your continued strength as this journey continues. Anthony, you look great in your photos, other than I would love to donate twenty pounds of fat to your frame!!! I hope that your recovery is moving along smoothly and that you will please send our love to your sweet, sweet Mom and Dad……we love you and hold you up in prayer…… stay strong…….
    Elaine Young and Nicholas Seminoff

  3. ANthony:
    Nicholas and I continue to pray for you and your wonderful family daily. The picture of you in the garden with your mom and Karen tells me that you ARE making progress towards complete recovery. I know that this process must seem interminably long to you (and to us as well), but the point to remember is that you ARE moving forward.. If anyone had told us back in February that you would have come this far… are truly an amazing, amazing man and your life and story has already impacted so many people whom you do not even know…. people like you, Anthony, wind up changing the world and changing peoples’ lives…you serve as inspiration for the rest of us when life just seems to pull us down. When the rest of us are in doubt and in serious need of a miracle to restore our faith, you are there like a bright shining beacon to say, “Believe”……..
    We love you ….
    Elaine Young and Nicholas Seminoff

  4. What a blessing and an absolute joy it has been to meet Anthony and his sweet family. Knowing we all have a common interest and a common love of German Shorthairs makes this stay at Shepherd bearable. We love seeing the progresses these two awesome men are making and continue to pray for further healing. Anthony is a strong and courageous young man with a bright future ahead. Of that we are positively sure. So here is to getting our two patients back on the mend so Anthony and Madison and Babe can all hang out more. 😉 prayers for you all and we are so blessed to call you all friends

  5. So nice to see the family together celebrating! We are beyond proud of you and your work ethic, Anthony! Keep working hard and we will continue to send positive thoughts and prayers your way!
    Ted and Judy Deas

  6. Thank you to ALL the volunteers who made the Anthony Macchio Young Benefit possible. April 13th was a beautiful day with beautiful people who opened their wallets to donate to the fund. The music was great!! Holy City Brewing, Steel City and Triangle were all very generous. We had 700-1000 people who came out to support Anthony. We had many great Silent Auction items donated and everything was bid on except one item. Between the Silent Auction and Donations and Beer sales we surpassed our goal by 50%!!!
    We raised the money to get Anthony to Shepherds in Atlanta and that happened yesterday!! Our theme was: Hope Help Heal and we did and we are …..,.and Anthony is doing his part with God’s help to Heal!!
    Praise God!!

  7. Hello Family – we still hold you and Anthony in our thoughts and prayers each day. We hope that he continues to improve and that there is some kind of light at the end of the tunnel now. We really miss the updates but understand the busy schedule and pressure you all must be under.

    Lots of Love and Hugs to all 🙂

  8. This is a reminder of the Benefit being held this Saturday April 13, 2013. It will be outside Triangle and Steel City Pizza in Mt Pleasant, SC. There will be 5 bands and a 50/50 raffle. We have had over 90 items donated for the silent auction. Holy City Brewing is donating beer. It will be from 2-7 PM. Please join us for the fun and to help us raise money to bring Anthony home and make his house handicap accessible. We thank all the many volunteers who are working hard to make this a success.

  9. Ryan put on a good benefit for his brother, Anthony. Thanks to Holy City Brewing and Tin Roof for the benefit. These donations will go toward our goal of getting Anthony home and making sure the home is handicap accessible. Thank you to all who contributed!

  10. Thanks to all the success of the benefit last Sunday at Tin Roof we have over 200 donations!

  11. Hello Everyone – Amy Schneider updated us yesterday after speaking with Bill – Looks like things are really moving forward. GO ANTHONY!! I am sure you will feel MUCH better once they get that Traic out of you throat and you can really start eating again. We continue to think of and pray for all of you each and everyday. Keep the faith, we love you all and are sending our strength to you.

    God Bless

  12. We continue to think of you all and pray for Anthony’s continued recovery as the days go by. Anthony, start making a mental list of all the things you want to do when you are stronger…. San Francisco is such a beautiful city in the springtime…. Kim and Bill, our love and thoughts are with you… are an amazing, amazing family……..

  13. Anthony, Bill, Kim and everyone:
    Nicholas and I have kept all of you in our prayers every single day and night. We get so excited every time we read of any small sign of improvement- we know that the road back must look long to you, but Anthony, you have already demonstrated to the world what a remarkable, energized man you are! I believe with all my heart that one day in the near future you are going to walk out of that rehab hospital and that your story will serve as an inspiration to others . We love all of the Macchio-Young family and know that there is no adversity that can withstand the strength and power of your love and devotion to one another. Stay strong and hang tough-
    Love always,
    Elaine Young

  14. Bill, thank you for posting about Anthony’s recovery. I know it is hard for you but it sure helps us all stay in the loop. The hope is there with Anthony responding, etc. It will be long and hard on all but it will happen!! God is with him and all of you and God is Great. We will keep praying!!
    With Love to All,

  15. Drew just returned from a week long visit with Anthony and Kim. As some you know Anthony was moved to a rehabilitation center a little over 2 weeks ago. Here, is where Anthony begins the process of relearning basic functions ie: moving his arms, legs, feet, hands, tongue, head, neck, swallowing ect. At this point in time, Anthony’s mind seems to be sharp. He is able to answer questions by holding up one finger for “yes” and two fingers for “no”. He still remains on a trach tube until he learns to swallow on his own. He has been able to use to a wheel chair for short trips outside and around the facility. His doctors are pleased with his rate of progression and hopeful he will be able to move up in his rehabilitation level in 7 weeks. If anyone would like to send a card or something cheerful the address is

    25 Richmond Road, Apt 202

    San Anselmo, CA 94960

    Thank you for all the support and encouragement!!

    1. Thank you Katie for your post!! It means a lot to all of us who are praying each day all day for Anthony and Family.

  16. Hello Everyone – how is Anthony doing? We are all still praying but have missed Bill’s updates lately! Please give Anthony a big hug from everyone here at Full Sail. Sending warm thoughts and healing strength!

  17. Sending prayers, positive thoughts and love to all of you! We are hoping that each day brings victories and new accomplishments your way.

    Ted and Judy Deas

  18. Anthony is making some progress. He has been in rehabilitation for about 10 days. There is always a family member or a friend along his bed side. PT and OT are done three times a day . He is answering “yes” and “no” questions by raising one finger for yes , two for no.
    Anthony is still having these brain storms…
    Where his hart rate gets up to 152 bpm. Very frustrating, ): but they don’t last long
    Thank you GOD !!

    1. Thank you Drew for your update. What encouraging words. God is Awesome! We will continue praying and add that the brain storms stop.
      We had a great fundraising meeting. A lot of people are working to help Anthony and his family.
      The best to all!

  19. We havn’t seen any new updates recently hoping that is a good sign! Please let Anthony know how many of his friends here at Full Sail are praying for his recovery. Let him know how much he is loved and supported by us all. God Bless

    Jean Everett

  20. I had Anthony as an amazing student in class at Full Sail and am stunned by the news and am sending all my positive thoughts and prayers to him and his family! We are all thinking about you Anthony!! Get better now! 🙂

  21. The entire team at Full Sail Sail University will be keeping Anthony in our thoughts and prayers.

    God bless.

  22. My prayers are with you Bill, Kim and Anthony. While im here watching over Madison I know and feel Anthonys strength and have faith he will recover on the road ahead, Sending my love to you thru prayers everynight and wishing the best for yall.

  23. Great new site. We will continue our prayers. With God’s help we will continue our work to help Anthony and family so they have no money worries. The committee is doing a great job. Thanks to all who are helping and to those who have already helped and to all donors.

  24. Hey you!
    I have been thinking about you non stop since we heard the news. Anthony you re Such an amazing and strong person! If anyone can Get through this, its you. You have a Wonderful girlfriend, amazing family, and a HUGE support system! I love You very much And i cant wait to see youre smiling face! Xoxoxo

    <3 haley

  25. Bill & Kim,

    Mike and I have been following this journey and thank you for sharing. You both have great courage and strength. Anthony is lucky to have loving parents and friends to help him through. Mike and I are praying for continued improvement and full recovery. God bless. LP

    Laura Pogue

  26. Dear Kim & Bill,

    Just finished reading all of your entries regarding Anthony’s recovery.
    You two have been going through so much in the last few weeks and I am so sorry that this horrible thing has happened to you all. Sounds like he is making progress even though it is happening very slowly. Please know that you and Anthony are in my thoughts and prayers. I will continue to keep up with Anthony’s progress through your excellent daily updates. Don’t forget to take care of yourselves.
    Love is coming your way from Georgia,
    Sherry Young Deaton

  27. Will continue praying for all of you — I know that God is with you during this challenging journey. Stay strong — in God’s strength!

    Jan Wallen Truesdale

  28. Dear Sweet Anthony…you can do this! You are a brave and courageous soul. We are all here for you. God please watch over Anthony and his family…give them all the strength they will need to weather this storm…please provide that rainbow as soon as possible.

    All our love, hope and prayers to you!

    Jean Everett

  29. I just read your last entry….I sit on the edge of the chair and I read each entry of your Journey and Anthony’s progress. One day at a time…is all you can do…is all Anthony can do. He’s young, strong and has both of you by his side to help him at every step of the way. Beau and I send our love and strength to all of you and want you to know how very much we are hoping and praying for continued progress…if just the tiniest of baby steps each day. Our love and the biggest hugs to all three!!! And be sure to tell Anthony our “LBD’s” (little brown dogs, Boykins) send LBD kisses and hugs too!!! God is GOOD!

    Leslie Kern

  30. Kim, Bill, and family,

    You are amazing and I admire you for the wonderful people you are and the goodness you give to others.

    God bless you all through this long journey. The pain and suffering you are experiencing must be horrendous but hope and love surround you and strength and courage will get you through this tribulation.

    You are thought of more than you can imagine and the prayers continue to flow for you and Anthony.

    Susan Holland

  31. I am so sorry for your son. Your pain must be overbearing and constant…I pray that God will heal Anthony and you will see his smile and hear his beautiful laughter very soon. I pray that God will give you strength, peace, and comfort and that God will heal your sweet son.


  32. Bill and Kim:

    Rest assured that Anthony’s wonderful nurses KNOW how grateful you are for all of their help. Know also that they take true joy in every little step he makes towards full recovery…..seeing him improve daily makes their job such a joy and gives them real purpose. Nicholas and I are praying for all of you and my co-workers at the hospital where I work are
    praying fervently also….Hearing that Anthony has been able to be moved to a stepdown unit is such great news…he’s on his way back to you……
    Peace be with you all,
    Elaine and Nicholas
    deirdre young

  33. Hoping for a speedy recovery for our friend Anthony. I was one of his instructors at Full Sail and later co-worker. He is a bright, talented, dedicated, & kind young man who still has an entire life in front of him.

    Much love and positive thoughts to him and family,

    -Hugo Giraud
    H G

  34. Thumbs up to our young friend! We continue to think of all of you and pray daily for a full recovery for Anthony. We look forward to attending the fundraising events that will be held here. On Ed’s long bike journey he would frequently tell us that quitting was not an option. We know that Anthony is made of the same tough stuff and he is going to work really hard to get back to all of you.
    We love the updates!

    Judy and Ted Deas

    judy deas

  35. We wanted to let you know Anthony and Kim and family that we are thinking of you and praying for a speedy recovery. Always in our hearts and prayers.

    Dr. Jason Annan and Staff
    Virginia Stith

  36. We are thinking of you every day, and keeping you and Anthony in our prayers. Your updates sound more and more encouraging that Anthony is healing each and every day. We are thankful.


    Kurt and Jolene Seelig

  37. Thank you for the update. Sounds like he is doing better. Sounds like it was just the move that upset him for a short period of time. We are all here for you, praying sending thoughts of love and strength to you all. We speak of Anthony often and give updates to those employees that do not have access to the computer, so that everyone Anthony worked with at Full Sail is kept in the loop of his recovery.

    God Bless 🙂

    Jean Everett

  38. Hi Anthony, Kim and Bill: Just checking in on progress and read the last paragraph which was a little scary. But it sounds as though his condition was corrected. I continue to think about you folks often and will check in again soon. Take care.

    Tom Stever

  39. Hello bill and kim u guys have become close to mine and my mom heart we lost my dad yesterday morning I just want to thank u for so many prayers and positively during both of our trying times….. I will continue with prayers for Anthony please stay in touch 8319172238

    Kim Edwards

  40. Kim and Bill, your Lifegroup met last night and there were a lot of prayers said for you. And of course we prayed for Anthony’s recovery, too. We are all here for you!!

    Gayle Price

  41. We on Anthony’s Fundraising Committee urge you to support Anthony and his family by donating to Anthony’s fund. It is easy to donate – go to any Wells Fargo Bank any where in the country and tell them you wish to donate to the Anthony Macchio-Young Benefit Fund. The receipt you get may be used as a charity tax deduction. We appreciate all your prayers and financial help. We do not want the family worrying about money during these tough times. Thank You!

    katie leilich

  42. Bill, Kim, Ryan, and Elle
    I check Caring Bridge twice every day to see read the latet update on Anthony, and then try to convey them to all of the “old crew” at work that know and love Anthony. Bill and Kim, thank you from all of us for the amazing detail you put into these posts. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through but it means a lot to us in Charleston to be able to monitor his progress. There are still many of us at Steel City who love Anthony and are praying for him and for all of you as well.
    Ryan, we were friends long before I even knew your family and you are in my prayers as well. Your presence there has definitely had a positive impact for all your family, and as you return home if there’s anything myself and Allison or the Steel City crew can do please let me know.
    Elle, the “Giu Crew” loves you and we are praying for you all the time.
    Anthony, get well soon buddy you are in our thoughts and prayers. We love you

    Alex Lawrence

  43. I was an instructor of Anthony’s at Full Sail. We are so very sorry to hear what you are all going through, Anthony was such an excellent student while he was here and we have such high hopes for him and his career. I actually recommended him for a few freelance jobs with some clients of mine and they were all very impressed with his work ethic and professionalism. It’s just amazing how life can change so drastically in an instant, we are all pulling for Anthony and a speedy recovery for him.
    Jae Ralph
    Department Chair of Design
    Full Sail University

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