There’s been a length of time between posts so I wanted to try and catch everyone up. A lot of people who have been reading about Anthony often say positive things about our posts. Thank you for your love, prayers and concern for Anthony and our family. We can’t tell you how much it means to us.

Stanford Hospital to Kentfield Rehabilitation And Hospital and Homeward Bound.

February 1 and February 2

This was when Anthony had his tragic bicycle accident in San Francisco,
California, after moving to be with Elle and look for a job in either San Francisco
or Palo Alto. He moved to San Manteo where he and Elle ( his high school
sweetheart) had rented an apartment in a vintage 1930’s building, just a few
blocks from the downtown shopping and dinning area of San Manteo. At the
entrance of his building was where Anthony’s and Elle’s neighbor from across
the hall found Anthony, lying helplessly across the door way. His eyes and pupils
were not responding.

I can vividly remember asking one of the doctors in ICU how Anthony was
doing after two weeks there. The reason I know February 1 was such a grave
moment for Anthony was the doctor’s response to my question: “He is doing fine,
considering he was on death’s doorstep when he arrived at the emergency room.”
This was one of the doctors who had operated on Anthony upon arrival, so I knew
he knew. His comment is something I will never forget.

Some day we will be able to know more details about what happened in San
Francisco. Anthony has told me since he’s been in Kentfield that he remembers
the accident.

February 2 through February 18 – Operation and ICU, Stanford Hospital

After the longest flight of our lifetime, Kim and I met Toni, my sister, at the car
rental place near the San Francisco airport. We also met Elle and her mom, Lily,
at the Stanford Hospital ICU. Elle was the first one on the scene. Her love for
Anthony and strong character were the perfect ingredients to lead the charge
until we got there. Kim and I have learned a lot about Elle’s character and
strength during these last weeks, and now understand why Anthony fell in love
with her. This is not only a story about a tragic accident; it’s also a love story.

There have been a lot of ups and downs throughout this journey but there have
never been more then we experienced at the Stanford ICU. Anthony was operated
on at 2:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. He went in and out of consciousness nearly
all the time he was in ICU.

If you’ve been following or
you can read our detailed account about Anthony and our journey while at
Stanford. The end result is Anthony is alive and getting better by the day. But
there is no question about it — this is a long road to recovery and there is no way
of knowing what the recovery will be like.

With Anthony’s friends, family and the grace of the Lord, his recovery will be
as great as the Lord decides. I am of the opinion that the Lord’s mighty grace is
particularly driven by those who are influential in a positive way and by someone
who has a lot of people praying on his behalf. Anthony has both.

February 18 through noon February 20 – Stanford Hospital

Anthony left ICU on Monday evening February 18,

The departure was very traumatic for Kim and I. In a strange sort of way, ICU
brought us comfort. Anthony might be lying there, unconscious for the most part,
but at the ICU we knew he was safe with all the beeping, flashing, life-saving
equipment. Although it wasn’t a very positive environment, Kim and I knew he
was receiving great care in the ICU.

He was taken to the neurology ward next. This was a place we were not familiar
with, which made us very uncomfortable. Little did we know Anthony would be
taken to Kentfield Rehabilitation and Specialty Hospital within a few days.

Wednesday February 20 through Sunday March 31 – Kentfield Rehabilitation and Specialty Hospital

As many of you may know, Anthony arrived at Kentfield Rehabilitation And
Specialty Hospital at 2:00 pm on Wednesday, February 20. Several days earlier,
Kim and I interviewed several of the people at Kentfield, including Dr. Doherty,
the admissions person, Caitlin, and our caseworker, Debra. Kim and I left there
being touched by the compassion shown by the staff and management. We
knew that no hospital would give Anthony the kind of care we would give, as his
parents, but we would be able to be there for Anthony and give suggestions and
input regarding his daily care.

For any of you who may be interested in sending Anthony mail, here’s his
address: 1125 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Kentfield Ca. 94904-1455 room 306 B.

He is in room 306 B, next to a sliding glass door. It’s a small space, and there
is another patient close to the door, but the room is very bright and functional.
We were quite anxious at first, but we know now that the healing is beginning.
During the first several weeks, Anthony had several brainstorms. His heart
would race up to the high 150s, his body would sweat profusely, and his legs and
hands — especially on his left side — would be tight and contracted. There are
many challenges with this, besides the emotional roller coaster of seeing your

son going through this journey. But after a couple of weeks of the brainstorming,
Anthony began to regain his strength and focus on his rehabilitation. His speech,
occupational and physical therapy have begun to take hold. Look for another post
tomorrow, Tuesday April 2.

There’s been a length of time between post so I wanted to try and catch everyone up. A lot of people who have been reading about Anthony often say positive things to me about our post. Thank you for your love, prayers and concern for Anthony and our family. We can’t express to you how much it means to us.



  1. Our continued prayers are with Anthony and the family.
    Love and God’s Blessings,
    Mama Graham & Family (Graham Smith, Casia & Jimmie Correll)

  2. Dearest Bill, Kim,Anthony,Ryan,Drew,Elle and I know I have probably omitted someone!!!!!!!!
    Nicholas and I continue to pray daily for your strength and endurance as this journey unfolds. Anthony, as someone who is MUCH older and who has been through a few ups and downs in life (though nothing to rival YOUR challenges), I will promise you that God is always faithful . After you conquer this adversity (and you WILL do it, I know), everything else will look like child’splay to you. I am so grateful that you have so much love and support from so many people, as that serves to lift you up when your spirits are low.
    Love really DOES conquer everything, Anthony, as trite as that may sound. Stay strong and rest knowing that you are loved and cherished by many……

  3. I found out about Anthony through a co-worker at Publix, her Mom works with Anthony’s Mom.
    I just attended The Steel City Pizza Co fundraiser where there was quite a crowd! I hope someone sends you photos. Also, have you heard of Peter Wilborn? He is an attorney here in Charleston that deals with bicycle issues only.. , he lost his brother in a cycling accident, although he is here, if you need to talk to someone about anything, he might be a good person for that.
    I’m a bicyclist/commuter sending you all my best thoughts and wishes.
    Stay Strong…
    Syndy Devery

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