Home Based Recovery

It’s been a long time since we visited. There’s been a lot going on in our lives, and I wanted to let you know what Anthony has been up to.

Stickers, flags and Tattoo's. Everyone loves Anthony's logo
Stickers, flags and Tattoo’s. Everyone loves Anthony’s logo
As some of you might already know, we’ve been home since Sept. 7. Although we’re home, Anthony’s journey to recovery continues. I have to say our lives are rich with hope, prayer, family, friends and daily activities that strengthen our family and our view of life.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I’d like to give you a glimpse of want our day looks like, how hard Anthony is working and the loving and caring people who have surrounded Anthony. Together they are leading Anthony down his road of recovery.
Of course, getting back to Charleston and settling in is important. Thanks to Carolina Services Inc. and Ed Tarr, our house is very wheelchair friendly and comfortable. At first, being back home made us comfortable. However, I quickly began to realize the comfort Anthony, Kim and I felt was not going to be an asset to Anthony’s recovery. It was good to feel a certain amount of tranquility, which was not something any of us had felt in a very long time. This sense of tranquility brought on a sense of peace. But peace is not going to push us down the road of recovery. I thought we needed to feel like we were sitting on the edge of our seat. We needed to be a little anxious, mixed with a desire and drive. After being home for a few weeks, I realized why the Shepherd Center, weeks before Anthony left, talked about returning, about other patients who had left and come back after a few months at home. I believe when you leave the environment of a rehabilitation hospital, it’s easy to feel comfortable – too comfortable. The drive and anxiousness to get better and participate in rehabilitation must be carried home.

After being home for a short time, Kim and I began to focus on being more aggressive and assemble a rehabilitation team.

Anthony’s new home-based team.

2 thoughts on “Home Based Recovery”

  1. Bill, you are absolutely right on staying focused on recovery. My own regimen was no TV UNTIL 5PM. I would either go thru paperwork or work on my exercises. Sometimes I would have friends come over and bring lunch and that was always a highlight!! Mostly, I focused on doing what activities I could. I also did research on the computer on my condition and how the body heals. That inspired me not to give up!!! Anthony climbed 40 steps the other day and then showed me a video of him first trying to walk at Stanford. He continues to amaze me and he is doing so well. One day he will speak to other Brain Injury patients on recovery and be their hero too. The good news is that every single brain injury survivor we see at HASCI are all walking on their own and Anthony will soon be joining them.

  2. I was just saying today to Ed that I wondered how you all were doing. We were able to bring Sean home on 1/23. We currently drive Sean in for daily therapy. He is at the centre for neuro skills in Emeryville California. They only work with brain injuries and we are seeing slow but steady improvements. Now if the health plan would just get on board. Wishing you well, we love your posts. Your friends from Kentfield.

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