Endomondo Goal #1


I once again have not had any time to reconstruct my recovery blog’s web presence this month (September 2016). BUT, I do have rather decent news to announce though!

I have yet to be able to meet my longterm goal of getting my gait pattern (walking pattern) down to the typical stride of a healthy human-being while using my Jawbone, step/distance wristband tracker, that the Bullingstons were nice enough to send me. Having not met that goal (yet) I decided to scour the Apple App store for the best free running/walking stopwatch app that I could find. After weeding through a few different ones I found one from UnderArmor called Endomondo, that I first mentioned in this year’s July entry. Endomondo keeps all of the data collected stored throughout the week no matter how much it is used. Which was one of the key issues that I found while testing other apps. After finding this I am able to start the clock upon standing up/walking and pausing it upon sitting down. At first I was having trouble remembering to start and/or stop it when doing so, but I’ve now got it down like clockwork (pun intended). Upon me getting in the routine of keeping track of both my standing and walking times with said app I then decided to take a screenshot of my phone every Sunday and make it a goal of mine to try and reach higher numbers, all around, the following week.

The image below is a series of four consecutive weeks. You’ll see that I have managed to  meet said goal (for the most part)! Not to mention, that I’ve managed to escalate my gait speed up in the second two screenshots!


P.S. This past week’s timer is not showcased because I had under the skin toenail removal on both of my big toes due to a bad case of ingrown toenails on both of my big toes. With that surgery it made my toes more sensitive and has prevented me from walking. : / But, I’ll be good to go soon! …slowly but surely. 😀

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