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Kentfield’s Committment to Keeping It Professional

As we talked it was clear to me that neither one of them was as aware of the posts as we were, although Debbie had read them some time back. They didn’t make excuses or try to change the direction of the conversation. They were straightforward, honest and very transparent about everything. Since the very beginning of this horrific journey, Kim and I have been very complimentary of Anthony’s care takers; from the doctors, to the nurses, and to everyone else that had offered their help. Naturally we want the very best care we can get for Anthony: we want Anthony’s caretakers to take care of Anthony as if he were their very own flesh and blood. After all, we were moving Anthony from an environment we were very comfortable with to a place we were unsure about. This uncertainty fueled our concerns about Kentfield. Debbie did tell us some of those posts were written by a past employee who they had to fire for very good reasons. We left the meeting with Debbie and Caitlin feeling a little better as we knew a little more detail about how Kentfield works. After the meeting, I realized that had probably never had anyone ask for a meeting like we just did about concerns regarding their online negative reviews. Why?

I asked Caitlin to call us when Anthony arrived. She said she would and she informed me, with positive body language and a smile on her face that she had reserved a bed for Anthony by the window. She had remembered my request for a bed next to the window for Anthony when we toured the facility for the first time. In my mind that was a very good start.

Anthony arrived about 2:30 pm Wednesday, February 20. We came back to Kentfield about 3:30 because we wanted them to get him settled in before our visit. After arriving, Kim and I felt that Anthony was receiving quality treatment marked by compassion and medical professionalism. We feel Kentfield is going to do a great job with Anthony’s medical care and rehabilitation. Whenever Anthony has a temperature, or his heart beats faster, or his trach needs cleaning, or any other medical care that is necessary, Kim and I feel as if we are part of that process. They’ve been giving Anthony an antibiotic that focuses on his pneumonia. Kim suggested they try a broader antibiotic because no one is sure if it’s the pneumonia that is causing his fever to go up. After they discussed it, the doctor agreed to do so.

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Kentfield Rehabilitation & Specialty Hospital has only 43 beds and they are currently doing some remodeling. When they are finished, it will be a 60 bed facility. It isn’t big and beautiful but it’s not about the building or the amenities. It’s about the care and the people. After three days at Kentfield, we know Anthony is getting very good care. Kim and I still have to be Anthony’s advocates and we will continue doing so no matter where he is. When you read something online you should always ask, “why is this person publishing this information on the Internet” and “who are they”. What we have discovered is that over and above the quality care Anthony is receiving here, Kentfield is all about HOPE. Why? Because they can see direct results from their efforts. Everyone at Kentfield seems to think Anthony has a good chance of a Healthy Recovery. Please pray and visit when you get a chance.

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  1. Wishing the family the best and for strength to get through but know im praying for Anthony everyday and feel hes going to do great where hes at and am anxious to come visit.

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