It’s Going To Be A Long Road, but Anthony WILL MAKE IT!

Wednesday, March 13, was a really bad day for Anthony. He’s been susceptible to what they call brain  storms. They cause Anthony to sweat, his heart races and his body tenses up. They cause him great pain and discomfort.  AnthonyICON

It’s good that Toni, Anthony’s aunt, took a flight out of Florida Sunday, March 10, and has been by his side with Kim since Monday morning. Anthony has been constipated and unable to relieve himself. What we found out is that brain storms are sometimes fueled when someone who has brain damage like Anthony’s is  constipated.

So here he was, a good part of Wednesday, constipated, sweating, his body very tense and with a very high heart rate. Kim and Toni spent at least two-and-a-half hours rubbing Anthony’s arms, legs, fingers and hands, trying to make him as comfortable as possible as he was going through his brain storm. Toni and Kim keep stepping out of Anthony’s room, trying to track down a nurse to give him a sedative that would help him deal with his conditions. If this wasn’t bad enough, the brain storming was preventing Anthony from having productive rehabilitation. This is what Anthony needs, and he just can’t get it when he is  having brain storms.

By the end of Wednesday, Toni and Kim were exhausted both mentally and physically. When I talked to Kim, she sounded really tired. But this is no time for pity parties or feeling negative. We have to think of the things that happen during the day that are positive and will help Anthony’s recovery. It’s just that on days like Wednesday, it is hard to find those positive things.

1 thought on “It’s Going To Be A Long Road, but Anthony WILL MAKE IT!”

  1. Dear Bill and family,
    My mom, Jerrie and I met you at Stanford during the first two weeks of February. My father Elvin Urquhart was there recieving treatment for cancer and was in the ICU while your son Anthony was there. My father passed away on March 2. He was at home his last two days, as he wished with his family on his beloved avocado ranch in Morro Bay, CA.
    We talked about my work at Hearst Castle and how much you and Anthony enjoyed your time there.
    You were so kind and caring to my mom. I wanted to thank you again for your kindness. My mom is very strong, even though this is a very difficult time, she is doing pretty well.
    I am happy for you that your son is making improvments and I pray for his recovery.
    I would love to show you around the castle with your family, I really mean it. If you ever get down this way please contact me.
    The world needs more people with your compassion, best of luck.
    Sincerely, Jill Urquhart

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