THIS WAS A GREAT DAY… Friday March 15, 2013

Meet Charlie. One of Anthony's many caring Kentfield nurses.  He had not seen Anthony for 10 days. When he spent a few minutes in Anthonys room he looked over at Kim and say he couldn't believe how well he was doing.
Meet Charlie. One of Anthony’s many caring Kentfield nurses. He had not seen Anthony for 10 days. When he spent a few minutes in Anthonys room he looked over at Kim and say he couldn’t believe how well he was doing.

Each day I call, text and email Kim.  I’m currently back in Charleston and it’s tough being in Charleston while Anthony and his mom are in California.Even though my body is here my mind and heart is with Kim and Anthony.

Friday was a good day. It made up for Wednesday big time.  Like Toni says, the Anthony we all know is with us but his body isn’t cooperating .  Anthony is learning to use an alphabet board.  There are five rows of letters. Anthony can spell out words by using his fingers . Two fingers for the second row, another set of  figures for the letter on that row.  He asked where we where. That’s  right by using the alphabet board he was asked his mom where she was.  When I heard this I was on cloud nine no make the cloud ten. Kim told him he was in a hospital outside of San Francisco.
Kindfield Rehabilitation And Specialty Hospital has Anthony on three physical therapy sessions  each one last 30 minutes.  Friday he did great in all three. Anthony did great as his physical therapist stood him up. Two weeks ago he was totally unable to assist them today he help, every so slightly, but the main thing is he did help as they propped him up. He as not strapped on a gurney he actually stood up with a lot of help.  He can know move his neck to the left or right. When I asked Kim today if he could move his neck she said he said no today by moving his neck. There I was on cloud ten again.
Thank you everyone for your prayers and good wishes. Without them our families journey would be harder and a lot more rough.


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  1. I read all about Anthony ‘s accident after picking up your publication. Our prayers and positive thoughts go out to Anthony and your whole family. Our son went through a bicycle accident a year out of college and suffered brain trauma . Reading your journal brought back our sorrows and joys. Now our son is doing great and we pray that your son will have the same outcome , Here are a few practical things that helped us as parents and family members: Read to Anthony as much as possible-sports updates,his favorite activities and any thing else he can identify with, go to the therapies and do more of them on your own when you can, ( our guy had speech therapy, occupation therapy, physical therapy, and recreational therapy – all good stuff) and get him peddling on a low stationary bike( he did that before he could walk) The peddling really seemed to motivate him. Please email us any time – we are your biggest cheerleaders !!!

  2. YEAH!! Go Anthony, such great news. Again thank you for sharing. We think of Anthony constantly, we watch for the updates and pray for all of you daily. We always new he was strong enough to make it through this with the loving family and friends support. Keep the update coming we are so pleased!!

    Warm Hugs to All 🙂

  3. Every little improvement or sign of progress takes you one step closer to the finish line! Anthony is strong and determined like his wonderful Mom and Dad. We are so thrilled that he is making real progress and
    getting stronger. You are all in or thoughts and prayers daily.
    Elaine Young and Nick Seminoff

  4. Oh, what a blessing, Bill! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. What AWESOME news. It’s great to hear something remarkably positive in answer to prayer. I will continue to pray for you all!

  5. Bill, thank you for the last two posts and sharing Anthony’s progress with all of us. I am sure it is hard for you especially on the “bad” days but we appreciate it. It is so good to read about all the progress he is making. We are all praying for a full recovery! We also pray for you and Kim and family to find peace! God be with all of you!

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