Anthony Is Doing Better Than He Was Last Week

Anthony Is Doing Better Than He Was Last Week

May 27, 2013

I was at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta May 17 through May 21. That Monday, the 20th, Anthony was really fed up. Early that morning he had a good cry. No one else was around, just he and I.

He was in his wheelchair I was sitting on his bed, and he just started sobbing. He spelled “this sucks” on his alphabet board as he was crying. I told him we had to move forward, be strong and work incredibly hard. I wanted to cry along with him. If he wasn’t crying so hard, I’m sure he would have seen water in my eyes.

I think one of the things that brought this on was that Anthony wasn’t feeling well; he had been throwing up for the past five days.  After we had our tearful

Anthony has been throwing  up man days in a row. We had several convesations with doctors and nursers. Early-on Kim and I were consider. He had a CT scan on Saturday.
Anthony has been throwing up several days in a row. We had several conversations with doctors and nurses. Early-on Kim and I were concerned. He had a CT scan on Saturday.

conversation, I told him it was OK to cry but not to let it define him. You have to wipe the tears away and stand strong.

When Anthony leaves the Shepherd Center, Kim and I want him to be as strong as possible.  Anthony is having challenges with what is called spastic hypertonia – or muscle contractions –on his left side. His leg, arm and hand are keeping him from taking full advantage of the rehabilitation offered at the Shepherd Center.

Anthony’s doctor suggested that he have an operation tomorrow, Tuesday May 28th,  to install a Baclofen pump. Although there are side effects, there is a lot of upside, including a significant reduction in spasticity and spasms. We hope you’ll  pray and send good thoughts regarding Anthony’s operation.  Here’s a LINK to information regarding Boclofen pumps.

The Secret Garden At Shepherd really isn't a secret but it is nice. It boarders Peachtree St.
The Secret Garden At Shepherd really isn’t really a secret but it is nice. It boarders Peachtree St.

This photo, taken Sunday, is of Karen Reece and Kim with Anthony in the Secret Garden at the Shepherd Center. It was a great day and Anthony was feeling good. Temperatures got up to 84, and there was a gentle breeze.

Karen and I arrived Friday night at about 10:15. I went to the Shepherd Center on the way to the hotel Kim and I have as our Buckhead home. Of course Kim is there a lot more them I am. After a night’s sleep, Kim, Karen and I headed to Anthony’s room at 8:15 the next morning. After feeding Anthony breakfast and spending the morning in his room, Kim and Karen went off to do some grocery store shopping for our Buckhead home and to grab a light lunch.

rGetting ready to shave Anthony with a very sharp razor.

Getting ready to shave Anthony with a very sharp razor.                 

Anthony and I had a great time. This is a photo of me just before I shaved him. The other photos are of us having fun. Anthony and I decided to have a party while the girls were away. After he got a shave, we played checkers and watched a movie.

Anthony and Dad havin fun at the Shepherd Center.
Anthony and Dad havin fun at the Shepherd Center.



Today, May 27, Anthony had speech and occupational therapy. He’s been in a really good mood all weekend and worked hard during his therapy sessions.

Karen and I left Atlanta about 12:30 p.m. and arrived in Charleston at 5:30 p.m. During the trip, I asked Karen what she thought. She told me “she loved seeing Anthony laugh and smile” and how “It was good to seeing Kim.” Karen said she thought Kim looked good and was doing well.

I know how my days go, and I’m sure Kim’s are similar. If Anthony is doing well, I’m doing well.

2 thoughts on “Anthony Is Doing Better Than He Was Last Week”

  1. Hello Again Family!!! Thank you for the update…not a day goes by that we do not think of all of you. Our 8 month journey is slowly coming to a close. Jimi will finaly have an upper denture in 2 weeks. His left hand will never be the same but he is alive and well. Keep the faith. Hope is everything and Anthony is improvinga little everyday. We hold all of you in our thoughts and prayers!

    Big Hugs to All!

  2. Bill, Kim, Anthony & family,
    You all will continue to be lifted up in my prayers. The journal updates are written so well that I feel I am there with you at times and experiencing some of the same angst, joy, relief, fear, inspiration, etc., that you are. Having received one of those “middle-of-the-night” calls almost 20 years ago when a daughter was in a wreck, I empathize with the agony and pain as well as the overwhelming joy with each positive step. Sherry

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