AnthonyWavingLayingDownAnthony is progressing well. As many of you may know, last week, Anthony had an operation to implant a Baclofen pump. The doctors are pleased with the progress of the  pump, which is designed to help stabilize his trunk and legs. Once they are stabilized, rehabilitation will be able to strengthen his trunks and legs. They’ve already begun this process. Anthony’s left side is very weak, but nothing at this point says it won’t get better, so we   are praying a lot about that. His speech is getting stronger with each day. Although he is   not speaking sentences, his words are getting stronger.  I think one of the greatest blessings is that Anthony’s mind and personality are intact. As parents, Kim and I have heard and seen so much at the different hospitals. Our firsthand  experience makes us even more aware of how great our blessings are.  The doctors are working on variations of his various medicines. Anthony is struggling to sleep throughout the night.

Friday June 7, 2013   Michael Onorato, one of Anthony’s friends, and I left Charleston about 5 p.m. on Friday.   Five hours later, upon arriving in Atlanta, we visited Anthony. I always go to Anthony’s  room before going to our temporary Atlanta home.  He’s always sleeping when I look in,   but it gives me some peace of mind to see him lying there with his eyes closed, healing as he’s sleeping.

Michael was going to visit his friend later in the morning. Kim and I were going to the  hospital early Friday to help give Anthony a shower. I’ll never forget walking into his bathroom, not long after arriving at Shepherd, when he got his first shower since the accident. I could see the joy in his eyes. Taking a shower is part of his physical therapy.   Getting out of bed; holding the washcloth; soaping; rinsing off. All of these motions and movements that go into taking a shower are rehabilitation.  

KimCuttingOffRedCast Before taking Anthony to his shower, Kimberly, pictured here, a member of Anthony’s physical therapy team, cut off this latest cast. Kimberly not only can put a cast on but,   as you can see, she can cut one off. This is the second one she’s put on his right arm.   Kimberly has cast four on his left arm. The casts help straighten his limbs. They are   reset at different angles each time so they extend his muscles further out so they will   not contract. This will help Anthony with rehabilitation, and rehabilitation is what the Shepherd Center is all about. Watching the doctors, nurses, physical therapists and case mangers work in tandem is a KimCuttingOffAnthonysCastmiracle in itself. This kind of teamwork is why HOPE walks the hallways of the Shepherd Center.   After Anthony took his shower and started to get ready for his Friday occupational   therapy activities, I texted Michael, and he hurried over. This was the first time Michael   has seen his friend since the accident. When Michael entered the room, Anthony’s   pleasure to see his friend since third grade was obvious.   Working with the patient is the what it’s all about at Shepherd. Shortly after Michael joined Kim and I, Anthony was in the second floor rehabilitation gym doing leg lifts. As   you can see, Anthony is working hard. I don’t care what kind of shape you’re in; this is a   hard exercise.   Friday’s been a good day for a lot of reasons. Of course, for me it was being with my son and wife, but there were many other things that added to the joy of the day. When   I walked out of Anthony’s room I ran into Sam, the nurse who works for Critical Care   Transport. Sam and his company worked with me to find the most secure way to   SambyAnthonysBedtransport Anthony and Kim from California to Atlanta. He brought them to Atlanta on   April 22. He was such a blessing with his positive, can-do attitude. He was great, as were   Critical Care Transport and Tara, our Shepherd case manager. When Sam stopped by, pictured here, he couldn’t stop telling Anthony how great he looked and how well he was doing.   One of the reasons Friday was a good day is that we got a “push pass” for the weekend.   Watch out Atlanta – that means we can push Anthony around the city.

Sam assists in flying Anthony and Kim To Atlanta April 22. Read Here Click Here!



  1. Please tell Anthony “HI” from me and tell him the whole office is so proud of him and the progress he is making! He is such a strong man and I know all the support from his family and friends helps so much!!

  2. It’s great to watch Anthony’s progress through all of this and see the Macchio “can do” attitude as he takes on day after day. You go Anthony!

  3. WOW … what a milestone for Anthony!! What a blessing it will be for him to be outside, being pushed around Atlanta in the fresh air, seeing life outside again. Thank God for all the awesome care he’s getting. Blessings to ALL of you!!

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